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Alma develops individual and organizational cultural competency. Our journey of growing our cultural awareness, sensitivity, and appreciation is essential for 21st century living and cooperation. Our interconnectedness has much to teach. Alma invites you to know yourself, to know others, and appreciate and bridge differences. Whether you’re managing, training, or teaching others – you are influencing and your influence can change the world.   

With over two decades of intercultural work and living, Alma offers professional development, global learning, including customized international travel and community partnership opportunities for educators, trainers, consultants, and managers in organizations in business, public and NGO sectors.




Alma and its team facilitate intercultural professional development, global learning experiences, and community partnership development.

Looking for support in navigating the complexities of cultural differences?  
Alma partners on projects of varying scope and size to grow intercultural competency through trainings, consulting, coaching, and more. 

Interested in a global learning experience?
Alma customizes short-term, long term, volunteer and service learning programs for K-12 educators and their students, higher ed faculty and administrators, families and individuals in the global north and south. 


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